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The Aging Athlete 

Maybe you don't consider yourself an athlete anymore, but we want you to feel challenged again. 


Dealing with a chronic injury that won't go away or have you failed other treatment options?

Dealing with a chronic injury that won't go away or have you failed other treatment options?

Typical diagnoses treated for this patient population includes post operative care, such as total joint replacements, fusion surgeries, and balance/fall prevention training. 

Better Performance Physical Therapy will help you decrease your fall risk, while helping to improve your independence and safety. 

Video Analysis

Overhead Athletes- Hitting and/or Pitching Analysis


Former collegiate baseball player and one of the first OnBaseU Certified Hitting/Pitching Providers in the region

Running Specific

Improve Gait/Running Mechanics, Maximize Efficiency, Improve Performance

  • Individual assessments- can be done at our gym, or virtually 

  • Detailed review of findings

  • Discussion of running gait ​

  • Complimentary drills

Recovery Sessions

For those dealing with increased soreness following a workout, race and/or sporting event. These mini sessions help you recover faster by reducing pain, improving mobility and overall function. No referral needed! 

  • Dry Needling (Low back/Lower Extremities Only)

  • Soft Tissue Therapeutic Massage

  • Cupping

  • Mobilization/Manipulation

  • IASTM (Instrument assisted soft tissue massage) 

  • Soft Tissue Stretching/Range of Motion Restoration

  • Game Ready Compression System (Knee only at this time) 

  • Compex Muscle Stimulation 

  • Kinesiology Taping

  • Compression Boots- COMING SOON 

Typical session duration is 30 minutes! 

Package options available!

Physical Therapy

The Best Physical Therapy Care Available!

  • 1 on 1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy​

  • Manual therapy, Spinal Manipulation,  Post-Operative Care, Balance/Fall Prevention Training, Exercise Programs and more! See more below!

  • Packages available 

Sports Rehab

Rehab with someone who understands your sport and the specific demands it imposes!


Want to make sure it's safe for a full return to sport? Have you gotten all that you can out of the rehabilitation process?

  • Movement/Mobility Screening

  • Limb Symmetry Strength Testing

  • Functional Testing

  • Sport Specific Movement Testing​

Sports Performance Training 

Bringing the feel of a collegiate weight room to local athletes!

Our Strength & Conditioning services are designed with our athletes in mind.


Programming is sports/individual specific and tailored towards the athletes specific goals.


Our environment cultivates both personal and physical growth, drives competitiveness, enables friendships /mentorship through small group training programs.

Lets Feel Better

Move Better,

 and Perform Better.

Cash Pay Rates

*Other packages may be available. Email or Call for more info.
* It is recommended to speak to the PT prior to purchasing any package options.


Initial Examination

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Lasts between 60-90 min


Follow Up Session

Must have Initial Examination first before purchasing.

60 min


Baseball Analysis

Pitching or Hitting Analysis Available.

OnBaseU Certified Expert in Pitching & Hitting 


Running Gait Analysis

Virtual or In Person

Group & Business/Corporation discounts available 

Gait Analysis includes a:

Detailed review of findings

Discussion of running gait ​

Complimentary drills


Initial Examination + 5 Session Follow-Up

Bundle and Save. No copays, No Co-Insurances, and No bills. That's no joke. Get Better with less visits. 


Initial Examination + 10 Session Follow-Up Package

Bundle and Save. No copays, No Co-Insurances, and No bills. That's no joke. Get Better with less visits. 


Insurances Accepted 

In Network Providers Accepted 

Highmark BCBS

Medicare Part B 



Premier Comp

We are an Out of Network Provider for all other major insurances!


You should verify your out-of-network benefits prior to your first visit.