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Baseball Performance


Our three step system as pictured below allows us to to get a detailed look at all of the baseball specific essentials. This program gives the athlete a better understanding of their bodies physical capacity and gives them the resources to maximize performance! 


Step 1: Mobility Screening 

Step 1 is the starting point that sets the foundation for the rest of system. Through two baseball/softball specific screening tools (both hitter and pitcher specific) we are able to figure out what physical characteristics are inhibiting your baseball/softball performance. These tools, and other physical performance tests, allow us to get a window into the athletes physical preparedness, which enables us to better match the athlete’s physical capabilities to their technical skills. 💪🏽 The physical screening is step one in the process for off season programming. It drives intent for programming.

Step 2: Field & Power Assessments 

Step 2 is the bread and butter of our series. This session allows us to get a detailed look at how efficiently you utilize your body. We do this by measuring rotational power, lower extremity power, and upper body strength and muscular endurance. We also capture specific running assessments to get a better understanding of how you stack up against your peers. Additionally, these assessments give us valuable insight on how to structure your off-season programming.

Step 3: Video Analysis​

Step 3 is the glue that holds the entire series together! This session is highlighted by a video analysis & breakdown that allows us to correlate the physical limitations (detected in session 1/2) with the technical faults that might pop up in your delivery or in your swing.. We use video analysis software to break down key parts of every pitch/swing and put you side by side by a big leaguer at the exact same moment! We don’t believe that you should imitate a swing of a big leaguer. But, we do believe that there are several key characteristics that make the best in the game, the best! 💥💪🏽

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