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Return to Sport Testing 

Adequate Return to Sport Testing can be crucial during or following rehabilitation for the athlete. Too often, we see athletes mismanaged and sent back onto the field or court without any sport specific testing being done. This can predispose athletes to further injury, and/or potentially impair their performance. The poor decision to not test your tissues capacity can lead to more serious long term consequences.












At Better Performance Physical Therapy, you don’t have to rehab with us to get Return to Sport testing done....although we prefer it😏We can perform post rehab return to sport testing no matter where you rehab.


If we feel that you aren’t quite ready for a full return, we will work with you on establishing a plan, including actionable steps to get you back to the field sooner.


Don't Guess It! Test it!


Return to Sport testing at Better Performance Physical Therapy can consist of:

🔵Movement/Mobility Screening

🔵Limb Symmetry Strength Testing

🔵Functional Testing

🔵Sport Specific Movement Testing

🔵Agility tests and more!

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