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How it works

No Doctor's referral is needed! Simply call or email us to schedule your first appointment. Be sure to specify if you're looking to schedule in the Waynesburg clinic, or as a mobile PT patient visit. Once scheduled, you pick a time for the initial evaluation to be performed (typically lasts 45-75 minutes based on needs). Following this, a curated plan will be developed specifically for you with your unique, individual goals in mind.


A plan that works

An individualized plan for your needs.

With a diverse background in regards to Sports & Orthopedic injuries, my treatments are based on a skilled manual therapy approach, sound strength & conditioning principles, and an empowerment model that allows the patient to find the movement approach that best aligns with their capacity and/or pain. No more being told to “take it easy or stop what you’re doing to rest”. If your life is anything like mine we can’t afford to “slow down”.

Treatment approach

Our treatment approach focuses on the areas that most efficiently allow our clients to return to the things they love doing as quickly and safely as possible. A thorough, comprehensive physical assessment will include components of range of motion, strength, flexibility, joint mobility, neuromuscular control, and functional testing. All of our sessions allow for direct 1:1 attention with Dr. Brian Coleman. Our model guarantees adequate education with relation to the patient’s dysfunction and allows us to teach patients how to restore their functional capacity without continued reliance on unnecessary medications or medical professionals. This will allow patients to recapture their own autonomy and take control of the rehabilitation process. When patients take an active approach to the rehab process, outcomes improve, and you feel better, faster.

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