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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for checking out my blog. This blog was created to provide both relevant and reliable information for anyone either actively in pain, or those seeking methods to improve their health and/or performance. My passion revolves around helping active folks stay active throughout the lifespan. With that being said, I have devoted a considerable amount of time improving my understanding of sports related injuries, strength & conditioning principles and return to sport programming. Therefore, you may see a lot of posts related to these topics.

Here are a few objectives I hope to cover with my blog posts:

⁃ Provide thought provoking discussions, questions and feedback

⁃ Provide relevant content for people looking to stay out of pain

⁃ Help improve your understanding of the human body

⁃ Specific ways myself (and many other Physical Therapists) may be able to help you

⁃ Most importantly, how you can help yourself!

My goal initially is to post 1 blog post per week, eventually transitioning to a monthly post. I hope this is feasible for me as I don’t want to become inconsistent!

Starting out as primarily a mobile Physical Therapy provider can be much more difficult for patients to find me. Without a physical address Google makes it difficult to find mobile PT providers (compared to our friends with brick & mortar clinics).

I hope that you can help increase my marketing efforts by reading, liking, sharing and commenting on any of my blogs that may be relevant to you or someone you know! This not only helps me understand how people are enjoying my content, but it also helps drive traffic to my website, and allows me to reach more patients in need!

If anyone has any topics they would like me to discuss, please feel free to reach out.

Happy reading,


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